Jobs Description of Fraud Investigator

Fraud Investigator - Obtains evidence, takes statements, produces reports and testifies to findings regarding resolution of fraud allegations. May coordinate fraud detection and prevention activities.

Fraud Investigator career is part of the Finance cluster Securities and Investments Fraud Investigator

Basic Skills for Fraud Investigator

The following skills are important for Fraud Investigator career:
  • Reading comprehension – medium (Level 5)
  • Active listening – medium (Level 5)
  • Writing – medium (Level 5)
  • Speaking – medium (Level 5)
  • Mathematics – medium (Level 3)
  • Critical thinking – medium (Level 5)
  • Active learning – medium (Level 4)
  • Monitoring – medium (Level 4)
These skills are necessary but not as important:
  • Science – very low (Level 0)
  • Learning strategies – low (Level 2)
Transferable Skills for Fraud Investigator
Here's a list of skills used in Fraud Investigator career that are also used in other careers.
High level of skill required
  • Collecting information about laws and regulations
  • Entering information on computer terminals
  • Examining and evaluating financial records
  • Interviewing people to obtain information
  • Investigating data to solve problems
  • Preparing case reports
  • Processing numbers and figures
Medium level of skill required
  • Counseling and advising people

Workplace Skills for Fraud Investigator

Workplace skills are practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of Fraud Investigator careers. Here's a list of the workplace skills that are used in Fraud Investigator career.

Medium level of skill required

  • Complex problem solving
  • Coordination
  • Instructing
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Time management

Improve Your Fraud Investigator Skills :

Skills are wonderful because you can always improve them. All it takes is a little hard work and motivation. So if you see that a career requires more skill than you currently have, don't worry – it's always possible to learn more skills.

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