Jobs Description of Team Assembler

Team Assembler Jobs - Works as part of a team having responsibility for assembling an entire product or component of a product. Can perform all tasks conducted by the team in the assembly process and rotate through all or most of them rather than being assigned to a specific task on a permanent basis. May participate in making management decisions affecting the work. Team leaders who work as part of the team should be included.
Jobs Description
Team Assembler career is part of the Manufacturing cluster Production.

A person in Team Assembler career:

  • Performs quality checks on products and parts.
  • Packages finished products and prepares them for shipment.
  • Rotates through all the tasks required in a particular production process.
  • Shovels, sweeps, or otherwise cleans work areas.
  • Reviews work orders and blueprints to ensure work is performed according to specifications.

People who do Team Assembler job report that:

  • You would often handle loads up to 20 lbs., sometimes up to 50 lbs. You might do a lot of lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling.
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation involves bending or twisting your body more than one-third of the time
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation involves use of protective items such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, a hard hat, or personal flotation devices
  • Exposure to pollutants, gases, dust, fumes, odors, poor ventilation, etc.
  • Work in this occupation involves using your hands to hold, control, and feel objects more than one-third of the time
  • Exposed to hazardous situations involving possible injury such as cuts, bites, stings, and minor burns more than once a month
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation requires being inside most of the time
  • Sound and noise levels are loud and distracting
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation involves making repetitive motions more than one-third of the time
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation involves standing more than one-third of the time
  • Work in Team Assembler occupation involves walking or running more than one-third of the time

Working in Team Assembler career involves (physical activities):

  • Seeing clearly up close
  • Identifying and understanding the speech of another person

Specialty and Similar Careers

Careers that are more detailed or close to Team Assembler career:
  • Electronics Assembler - Assembles electronic equipment, parts and components.
  • Fabricator - Fabricates and assembles structural metal products, for example framework or shells for machinery, ovens, tanks, stacks, and metal parts for buildings and bridges.
  • Production Technologist - Identifies critical factors that affect production downtime and seeks effective measures to better the quality and performance of the production unit.

Transferable Skills

Here's a list of skills used in Team Assembler career that are also used in other careers.

High level of skill required
  • Adjusting controls on machines
  • Assembling equipment and products
  • Coating or painting objects
  • Feeding and removing products in machines
  • Fitting and joining small parts
  • Moving material by hand or machine
  • Using simple hand and power tools
  • Using welding and soldering machines and equipment
Medium level of skill required
  • Cutting and slicing with machines
  • Following equipment and machine operating instructions
  • Following written assembly work orders
  • Following written production guidelines
  • Heating and pressing metals and plastics
  • Loading and unloading materials
  • Milling, turning, and planing materials
  • Operating extruding production machines
  • Operating metal or plastic working production machines
  • Operating textile production machines
  • Operating woodworking production machines
  • Sorting products and materials

Workplace Skills

Workplace skills are practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of careers. Here's a list of the workplace skills that are used in Team Assember career.

Medium level of skill required
  • Coordination
  • Quality control analysis
  • Time management

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