Jobs Description of Endoscopy Technician

Endoscopy Technician - Maintains a sterile field to provide support for physicians and nurses during endoscopy procedures. Prepares and maintains instruments and equipment. May obtain specimens.

Endoscopy Technician career is part of the Health Science cluster Support Services.
Endoscopy Technician Careers

A person in Endoscopy Technician career:

  • Cleans, disinfects, or calibrates scopes or other endoscopic instruments according to manufacturer recommendations and facility standards.
  • Performs safety checks to verify proper equipment functioning.
  • Maintains or repairs endoscopic equipment.
  • Collects specimens from patients using standard medical procedures.
  • Assists physicians or registered nurses in the conduct of endoscopic procedures.
  • Prepares suites or rooms according to endoscopic procedure requirements.
  • Places devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeter sensors, nasal cannulas, surgical cautery pads, and cardiac monitoring electrodes, on patients to monitor vital signs.
  • Conducts in-service training sessions to disseminate information regarding equipment or instruments.
  • Attends in-service training to validate or refresh basic professional skills.
  • Positions or transports patients in accordance with instructions from medical personnel.

People who do Endoscopy Technician job report that:

  • You would sit most of the time. There's some walking and standing. You may have to lift and carry things like books, papers or tools weighing 10 lbs. or less.
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves use of protective items such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, a hard hat, or personal flotation devices
  • Exposure to pollutants, gases, dust, fumes, odors, poor ventilation, etc.
  • Exposed to disease and infections more than once a month through work such as patient care, laboratory work, and sanitation control
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves using your hands to hold, control, and feel objects more than one-third of the time
  • Exposed to conditions such as high voltage electricity, combustibles, explosives, and chemicals more than once a month
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation requires being inside most of the time
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves making repetitive motions more than one-third of the time
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves use of special protective items such as a breathing apparatus, safety harness, full protection suit, or radiation protection
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves standing more than one-third of the time
  • Work in Endoscopy Technician occupation involves walking or running more than one-third of the time
  • Working in Endoscopy Technician career involves (physical activities):
  • Seeing clearly up close
  • Speaking clearly enough to be able to be understood by others
  • Identifying and understanding the speech of another person

Transferable Endoscopy Technician Skills

Here's a list of skills used in Endoscopy Technician career that are also used in other careers.

High level of skill required
  • Diagnosing diseases and disorders
  • Giving injections, drugs, and other medications
  • Inspecting tools and equipment
  • Providing health care support services
Medium level of skill required
  • Adjusting controls on machines
  • Giving information on events and procedures
  • Helping people understand health care instructions

Workplace Endoscopy Technician Skills 

Workplace skills are practiced activities that help people become successful in all kinds of careers. Here's a list of the workplace skills that are used in Endoscopy Technician career.

Medium level of skill required
  • Complex problem solving
  • Coordination
  • Operation and control
  • Operation monitoring
  • Service orientation
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Time management

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